๐Ÿ“‰ How Lil Yachty crashed the stock market and how you can too.

While scrolling the depths of twitter I came across a meme which compared the price of the S&P 500 index to each time that Lil Yachty dropped an album. 

Shocking... right. 

Given his recent hit Poland, it's not looking too hot for the markets. 

I'd like to believe that lil boat is influencing the Fed's Monetary Policy and that his albums are a warning cry to all traders. 

Each album a canary in the coal-mine that is US capital markets. 

Models such as the Yachty index should become a staple of economists, traders, and degenerates like myself who are looking for sound fundamental analysis. 

As should the scarecrow indicator

Or the Dino Delta Curve

And lest we not forget the Evergreen Forest Formation

Aside from treating your investment strategy like an astrology reading, it's important to learn about the other ways these mystical pattern recognition abilities us humans have can cause us financial, cognitive, and ideological ruin. 

In fact, someone has devoted an entire website to shining a light on these "spurious correlations". Here are some of my favorites. 

Moral of the story, never hire Nick Cage to be a lifeguard at your local pool...

Well at-least Toyotas are mad reliable. 

So next time you think you've come up with an ingenious mental model, groundbreaking trading strategy, or the next great invention, be rigorous in your thinking. Don't forget about the Yachty Indicator or Nick Cages suspect activity around pools. 

See y'all next week, 

V and Nat

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