How do you sell memes for thousands?

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Seeking Sigma


Paul Volcker was the 12th chair of the Federal Reserve during the Carter and Reagan administrations and is widely credited with ending the seemingly uncontrollable inflation that was plaguing the United States Economy at the time. With markets down, inflationary fears rising, and Jerome Powell being at the center of the news almost every day lets take a trip down memory lane and revisit one of the absolute GOATS of central banking.

Before he was the chair of the Fed, Volcker served an advisory role to President Richard Nixon and was instrumental in his move off of the Gold Standard leading to collapse of the longstanding Bretton Woods system that was established by Keynes. While he was chair of the Fed, Volcker established some of the steepest rate hikes seen in US history topping little over 20% at times. This led to widespread hatred and dissatisfaction with the Fed, but were the measures that the economy needed at the time to curb inflation. I would highly suggest reading his autobiography Keeping At It.


šŸŖš The much anticipated anime Chainsaw Man came out this week. The editors have been hard at work making me feel the fomo.

šŸ‚ "Innovation is saying no to 1000 things before you say yes" Learn how Steve Jobs' product philosophy was influenced by Pablo Picasso's Bulls.

šŸ“š Virginia Woolf on the Courage to Create Rather Than Cater and the Remedy for Self-Doubt


Tungsten DAO, a collection of artists, builders, and most importantly memers is one of the most interesting projects within crypto. Coined after the dense metal tungsten, the DAO aims to proliferate their treasury and brand through memes and auctions. They allow members of the community to submit meme's that they would like to auction through Tungsten DAO, and if selected collectors will often purchase these pieces at auction for upwards of $30,000 USD.

Tungsten DAO shows me the amazing potential to incubate memes and culture. Taste-making is no longer a passive activity of sharing content and recommendations, but one where artists, collectors, and innovators can come together to incubate the most viral elements of culture. Looking forward to seeing the dankness that comes out of the DAO.

Implosions and Explosions

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